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We've created this Lil Wayne Quotes Generator using the best Weezy Quotes we could get our hands on. If you have any quotes by Lil Wayne, please send them on in and we will add the Lil Wayne Quote to our generator.

For those of you that don't know, Lil Wayne is a Grammy Award Winning Rapper with Cash Money Records. Weezy Quotes are sought out all the time for their humour and insight. Lil Wayne is a very cool guy who says a lot of funny stuff. His latest album, Rebirth, has been scheduled to be released for the last few years and keeps getting pushed back. We look forward to the release though, and wish Weezy the best with his problems with the law.

Please feel free to share your Lil Wayne Quotes Generator with all your friends on your Facebook profile or blog sites. And don't forget to bookmark this page (Ctrl+D) for all your Weezy quote needs.
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