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Funny Names

Do you want a MALE or FEMALE nickname?

These funny names have been hand picked and are all real confirmed funny names. Each name is the real name of someone who is either living or dead, who had parents with a bizarre sense of humor. If you have a weird name, we sympathize with you and hope that you will enjoy this list of funny names with the rest of us!

Here is a List of the top 10 funniest names for your enjoyment:


Andy Friese
Beau Tye
Duane Pipe
Gene Poole
Lou Zar
Russell Sprout
Stan Still
Tad Pohl
Tim Burr
Matt Tress


Amanda Lay
Anna Sasin
Barb Dwyer
Dinah Soares
Ella Vader
Molly Kuehl
Ophelia Payne
Pearl Button
Peg Legge
Robyn Banks

If you have a funny name, weird name or strange name don't hesitate to send it to us so we can add it to the funny names list.

Please share your results with your friends on your blog or Facebook profile - your friends will be interested to find out their own funny name. Check out some of our other quizzes too, such as "How will you be defined in the dictionary" which lets you know what your name means or what will your epitaph say which shows your own future grave site.
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