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What rejected olympic sport would you have won Gold in?

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What is your Purity score?

Welcome to QuizGalaxy! We hope you take surveys and enjoy sharing your results on your blogs, facebook profiles, social networks, or any online communities that you participate in. The whole reason to post your results is so that you can make friends online, or find friends or let your friends know more about you. Friendships and relationships are important, and always letting your friends know what you are up to and sharing fun quizzes will help you find friends and make friends online.

We also have a lot of tests about love and relationships and dating. We fully support dating websites and dating services to help you find love. If you are looking for love, sometimes taking a quiz and blogging it will help you learn more about yourself and find love. Relationships are hard work and take a lot of commitment, but sometimes you can find your soul mate on a dating website or through posting quiz results on your facebook profile. You never know who might see :)

Or maybe you could find a friend online through posting your results on a social media site or an online blog. We also have the option of texting your results or sending sms message of your quiz to your friends. Bloggers are always welcome at QuizGalaxy as our results are made for blogs and blog sites. If you don't already have a blog or a social network. Feel free to start a blog on one of the blog sites so you can post your results and make friends online. It is always fun and easy!

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